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Lauren Hamm

Rooted in architectural veritas, as an interior designer, she mixes styles and concepts as if it were paint on a pallette. She aspires for sustainable lifestyles which includes the reuse of objects to give an ageless beauty to her work and using natural based principles to design. Her dreams include a small sunbathed cottage on a mountainside surrounded by a garden of follies and local, edible plants.  

Sarah Gaunt

With a background in studio art, she has an eye for intricate details and understands the artful approach to living. Her love of lush materials and deep colors brings the richness of German chocolate to her spaces. Often found pouring over antique furnishings and gilded frames, she belongs in English gardens amongst baroque exquisiteness.

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An Origin Story

When we met in design school, little did we know that budding friendship would lead to a undeniable design duo.

Today, we live our dream jobs but that wasn’t always the case.  After years of making the morning commute and grinding towards designs that were beautiful, but just not our passion, we decided to make a change. We would meet up and occasionally spit ball and daydream of opening our own design firm specializing in unique and thoughtfully crafted homes and boutique businesses. We always wanted to make a difference with our designs – the logical choice being the place people long to be at. We wanted to bring a touch of life and personality to the spaces around us using antique features with fresh modern approaches.


So, when Sarah decided to leave the 9-5 behind, Lauren was quick to follow. This was when we knew now was the time to realize our dreams. Ever since that day, we have worked hard to bring residential and boutique design to its most authentic state – caring about our clients and understanding the environment they want to be in.

The design firm we’ve crafted is one that cares – for its clients as much as its designers. We understand life is changing, ever moving and imperfect. We strive to work with the ebb and flow of life in a way that nurtures our creative spirit and allows our work to unfold before us. We would like to invite you to be part of this journey with us.

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Lauren Hamm

Lauren began her journey into the design world as a student of architecture. After taking a hiatus to explore the world, she began her journey into interior design by becoming a design assistant at a firm in Washington, DC serving large clients with a close relationship. Since beginning her interior design journey, she has graduated Summa Cum Laude at Georgia State University. She has worked several years within the corporate healthcare sector. During this time, she compiled drawings and helped in the design process of multiple luxury offices and worked on a team of two to complete drawings for a state of the art 3-story medical building. She is currently studying to attain her NCIDQ, a certification that will allow her to sign her own sets of drawings for permit, showing exemplary knowledge in building construction and codes.

Sarah Gaunt

Growing up in her grandmother's interior design store planted the seed early for Sarah. Inspired by film sets and wanting to create a magical world to live in drove her. She began as a studio artist with a focus on acrylic abstraction of - creating spaces that could only be experienced on canvas, Next she would take her art to the three-dimensional realm through design. While in school, she interned with Perkins & Will, a large internationally acclaimed architecture and design firm. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, they were so thrilled with her success that they took her on to design for some of their highest profile clients, aiding in furniture and material selection while also helping draft the documents that would bring these dreams into reality. While her accolades were numerous, it couldn't stop her passion for creating homes that people would paint their daily lives in.  

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